“The straight line is the work of Man, but the curve is the work of God.”  (Antoni Gaudí)

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T e r r a M a r e    P i c t u r e    P u r c h a s e    S a l e !

In occasion of Jelsa’s birthday

20% discount on the price of all oil paintings

between August 16-26, 2023.

Location: TerraMare Art Shop & Gallery, 21465 JELSA, trg Sveti Ivan 9.

Check us! You can choose among nearly 40 oil paintings.

Paintings’ sizes: from 40x40cm to 110-110cm

All artworks can be used without a frame, hung with a hanger.

They were made on quality canvas with long-lasting quality oil paint.



2022 TerraMare ArtShop is a family art business. Design and paintings by painter Ódor Tünde Enéh.

Handicraft products by the painter and the artist’s daughter.

Do you want unique accessories for your home or beach house? Just an email about the product (s) you want.

Are you a reseller? Contact us and we will send your order to you as soon as possible.

Order from us by email: terramareartshop@gmail.com



T E R R A M A R E   W O R K S   I N   I T A L Y

June 19 – July 30, 2022 – Villa de Claricini in Dornpacher – Italy
There are also two works from the TerraMare project at the Central European Art Exhibition in Italy.
40 Central European artists: 20 Italian, 4 German, 4 Slovenian, 4 Croatian, 6 Austrian and 2 Hungarian.



U  N  I  Q  U  E     B  A  G  S     C  O  L  L  E  C  T  I  O  N

Hand painted canvas bags. Size: 38x40cm + long shoulder strap. Material: 100% cotton.

Unit price: 12 euro. Quantity unit price: 7 euro.

available: terramareartshop@gmail.com



F  I  R  S  T      C  O  L  L  E  C  T  I  O  N

Decorative pillowcases with unique quality painting. Size: 40x40cm. Material: 100% cotton. Feature: zipped.

Unit price: 15 euro. Quantity unit price: 9 euro.

available: terramareartshop@gmail.com



2021 Starts soon our new artistic family business under the name of TerraMare.

TerraMare will be an ArtShop in which only the paintings, unique handicraft products and self-designed printed publications of painter-designer-folk playhouse manager Tünde Ódor will be available for purchase.

These products represent a unified style inspired by the Dalmatian coast.

The ArtShop will operate partly as a webshop, but primarily in a small Dalmatian fishing village.

TerraMare is a family business, as Ódor Csillag, the painter’s daughter, also participates in the production of handicraft products, business management and leadership.

Local small producers are also involved as suppliers in the production of some of TerraMare’s handicraft products.

TerraMare is an environmentally conscious company. In the production of our products, we primarily aim to use natural raw materials. The packaging of our products is made of natural ingredients a hundred per cent.  Minimizing the ecological footprint is a basic condition for our business.


Oil paintings, watercolors, stained glass, painted wood, painted textiles, painted pebbles, jewellery, special postcards and calendars,…