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Singulart – Tünde Enéh Ódor


O I L   –   W A T E R C O L O R   –   I N K


DESTINO – oil, canvas – 2019-2020

MARE – oil, canvas – 2017-19

TERRA – oil, canvas – 2017-19

MINI PAINTINGS – oil, canvas – 2019

FLOW  – oil, canvas – 1989-2016

MUSIC – oil, canvas – 1989-2014

SPIRIT oil, canvas – 1989-2018





GESTURINK 1989-2002

These works appeared in, among others,in the columns of Élet és Irodalom (Life and Literature) (literary and public journal,1989-1991), Az utolsó komp (The Last Ferry) (2001) and the Hidak a Dunán (Bridges on the Danube) (2002) cultural magazines, SzarvasLét (DeerExistence) own poetry volume (2002), Táj-Kép-Szó  (Landscape-Picture-Word) anthology (2004), …

The pictures taken of Tünde Enéh Ódor’s paintings are copyrighted.

Their share or use is subject to permission.

In the past, paintings that have come into private ownership unfortunately have not been cataloged. These pictures can be found in, among others, in: BUDAPEST (more), ESZTERGOM (3), JELSA (HR), KISMAROS, KESZTÖLC (6), MISKOLC (2), PILISCSABA (more), PILISVÖRÖSVÁR (7), PILISSZÁNTÓ, SOLYMÁR (3), SZÉKESFEHÉRVÁR (1), TRIESTE (IT,2), VISEGRÁD (4), ZEBEGÉNY…